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Week Night Dinner | Loaded Sweet Potato Fries

Lets be honest, week night cooking can be a drag. Maybe not quite as bad as the piles of laundry I see out of the corner of my eye, but you know what I mean. I struggle to not cook the same meals week after week. I stumbled upon this idea and knew I had to try it. It combines one of Eric and I’s favorites, loaded fries, with one of the kiddos favorites, sweet potatoes! And of course, I love how the sweet potatoes add a healthy twist. It’s also super easy! 




Catching Up

In hopes of getting serious about this blogging business and my essential oil business, we have stepped it up to a new blog! EEEK, and I couldn’t be more excited!! It’s our very own space, no any more. Eric also has his own little corner, where he will be popping in occasionally to post on his cochlear implant journey. He is just the best writer and I know it will be import to document such a tremendous journey. He actually already posted a little back story here.   What have we been up to lately? How about I just dump a bunch of pictures, because that what you really want to see, right? Then I will get to weekly posts and some house updates!


Memorial Day Weekend 2015

This three day Memorial Day weekend was much needed and left much too quickly! Although we missed out on finding our way to the beach, we substituted in a full weekend of house work and some good finger lickin’ BBQ. But, fear not,we still managed to catch our tan washing the house siding.

We began the weekend with no children, a sleepover at Granna and Grandpa’s was a huge break for us, Thank You! We took full advantage of the opportunity and took a drive to the dump to unload our trash. Exciting right! Alright, alright, that was just the beginning, but do not underestimate the simple things, it was a sweet little drive, just the TWO of us, and I got to sit in the middle of the bench seat next to my Hubby. After unloading, we headed uptown to Tractor Supply for some more fencing wire, which was a fail. After watching us stroll around deciding on our purchase, the employee tells us they are closed when we were about to check out! Where did good ole customer service go these days!? Although annoyed, we obeyed and left empty handed, but on the flip side we kept some money in our pockets. The end result was worth it as we settled with a dinner date at Moonspin for pizza and I got to enjoy a nice relaxing drink in the process.


Why Now? By “Daddy, Watch Me!”

Today I have been living on Earth as one of God’s creations for 28 years, 5 months, and some number of days.  Depending on which theory of my hearing loss you choose to side with,or you can make up a new theory– and have a legit chance of being right, that’s anywhere from 25 to 28 years of enduring life with poorly functioning ears. I know, I know… ‘ what a dummy’– for not doing something about it.

Truth is I did, sort of… Several times. it turned out to be nothing but DISAPPOINTMENT.