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Save The Date: July 21, 2015! By “Daddy, Watch Me!”

We have ear news! On June 22nd I had an appointment to meet with the surgeon, Dr. Douglas Green, at the Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute. That required taking a little road trip (the length depended on the number of potty breaks needed). Did I mention that this was an entire family affair? The Grandparent’s tagged along and that turned out to be helpful (thank you), not to mention a lunch on the grandparents prior to the appointment at BJ’s Brewhouse. Moonie (Grandma) had plenty of surprises (toys) stored on her to entertain PG throughout the day.


An All American 1st Birthday!

Our boy is one! Holy cow! I don’t know how this is possible… I can still remember hugging my parents at 5 am as Eric and I headed to the hospital for our c-section! For his first birthday we decided on an “All American Boy” theme because well, he really is! He loves all things trucks and cars, playing in the mud, dogs, waving a flag, and devouring any food in sight! His birthday is also pretty close to the 4th of July, so I knew I’d be able to snag some super cute decorations in the dollar aisle.   So here we go!

I went with a hot dog/sausage bar. I mean how much more American can you get?  The toppings included the traditional condiments, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, pineapple, chili, cheddar cheese, sour cream, fried onions  and coleslaw. We also had potato salad and chips as a side. We used red baskets with the red checkered liners as much fun!




Moving Forward! Car Shopping and Hunting?- By “Daddy, Watch Me!

audio room

Alright Ya’ll! I feel like we are finally moving forward!

Last week I met with my Audiologist, Dr. Snowden, no hearing tests were needed for this appointment– thank you Jesus, because I have no doubt that we all get thrills from being isolated in a crampy, dark, soundproof box. Not to mention, attempting to hear sounds that you don’t even realize exist. (see photo above)

This appointment was actually quite fun. Firstly, I got to choose my Sound Processor and Transmitter device colors (These are parts of the device that are external and visible, the processor rests over the ear and consists on the microphone etc., the Transmitter is attached to the head by a magnet and sends the signals). I was a little disappointed with the selection of color options available. I suppose my expectations for technology to be capable of accurately matching one’s skin tone or hair color to the paint of your device, resulting in a better blend to further conceal the device, is a little over the top. But hey, maybe one day that’ll be a reality!