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I’m Gonna Be Famous! Activation News! by ‘Daddy, Watch Me!’

Good GREAT news everyone–Mark your calendars because… on August 18th at 1 PM,  I will officially be activated, putting the implanted electrodes at work and permission to begin bugging my Cochlea and transferring sounds!

I may no longer call Tallahassee my home, but I am proud to be representing the City on that August day. As if it hadn’t done so already, Tallahassee has now cemented itself a place in my heart, providing me with a life-altering experience. I will be the very first person to have Cochlear Implants activated on Tallahassee grounds–that’s right, I’m famous…okay, not quite…but it’s still a cool story to pass on. To clarify, there are people in Tallahassee who walk the streets sporting Cochlear Implants, and yes- they are real implant patients-not just fashionably wearing the head gear- however, these people were unfortunate that at the time, Tallahassee wasn’t prepared to provide them with the opportunity to have them activated locally. So, with that being said- thank you Florida State University, Speech and Hearing Clinic, School of Communication Science & Disorders for providing me with this special opportunity. You can check them out on the link below, Go Noles!




One Week Post Op- Just Call Me All-Bot-Ton: by ‘Daddy, Watch Me!’

To my family and friend subscribers: Please bear with me- I realize posts like this one may not be particularly exciting to follow. Such posts are intended to be informative and beneficial to fellow hearing impaired and deaf persons with their struggles, fears, and decisions in partaking in Cochlear Implants Surgeries. I feel it is important to document as much as possible. But, I did add some treats at the bottom, check it out!

Oh, one more side note…. I am now introducing myself as Eric William All-bot-ton in respect of my newly implanted electronics! Just rolls off the tongue, right?

The Pain: The pain I am experiencing is surprisingly tolerable, especially considering that it is on my head. Aside from general overall soreness and swelling (like a deep bruising feel) around the ear and incision area, every so often I can feel a throb of pain that mirrors my pulse, generally occurring in two separate areas, The incision and a ‘bump’ area a little further above (which is home to my newly implanted receiver/stimulator). The pulsing pain tends to go away rather quickly, and really is not an issue. My actual ear itself is not experiencing any physical pain, but instead- complete deafness, swelling, and numbness. Mostly, it is just flat out uncomfortable, and constantly feels like my ear needs to pop to clear out fluid. I did begin to regain feeling in/on my ear at around day four (4). On a scale of 1-10, 10 being unbearable pain- I’d give the procedure a 3- It really is totally tolerable and doesn’t interfere with my daily routine. Also note: I have not taken the pain medication prescribed, mostly I am not a fan of medication and putting substances in my body, but again I don’t think I needed it. However, I did take the antibiotics prescribed to prevent any infection, I did not want to take any risk on having any possible set-backs.

Cochlear Implant Image

Here is a visual to help you all. You can see the receiver/stimulator that is implanted just above the ear and electrodes are wired into the Cochlea.


Surgery Experience by ‘Daddy, Watch Me!’

Tuesday, July 21, 2015- Right Ear Cochlear Implant Surgery

12:00 A.M. – 4:59 A.M.: This was “sleep time”…well let’s just pretend it was sleep time, because in reality it was lay in bed with your eyes shut while remaining fully conscious. It reminded me of a game of pretend that my daughter plays with me. She fetches a pillow, gestures me to lay down with my head on it, fetches a blanket, covers me gently with it, reads me a fake book (hand gestured book), I pretend to laugh at the pictures as she giggles back, she says a sweet prayer to me (I wish I could tell you how it goes- I can’t-but that’s why I am here!), she plants a kiss of my cheek, says “goodnight, I love you”- my brain recognizes/sound memorized that particular phrase from her-,I lay still for maybe 30 seconds of shut eye until she ‘awakes’ me with a hug and says she is making breakfast (hand to mouth gesture). At this point we continue pretending to enjoy our ‘pankcakes’ and ‘juice’. Boy, did I wish it was a game of pretend, my children did not join us for the trip.  It appears that our body has a mind of it’s own because I appeared to not be nervous, my mind was in good spirits, I was content and at peace. My body– or whatever triggers alertness was sneaky enough and successful at providing me with minimal sleep.


What’s Up Wednesday

This past week and weekend seem like a blur because of all the surgery festivies! But life certainly didn’t stop. Lets see.. last week was pretty laid back. We went to food truck Thursday after gymnastics with Aunt Lindsey.image                                                      
We all had our first snow cones from the famous snow cone shop there. Eric and I indulged and got ours stuffed with soft serve ice cream. It did not disappoint and was way too big for use to come close to finishing.


Final Hours Until Surgery by ‘Daddy, Watch Me!’

This will be my final blog entry prior to surgery. Don’t worry, I will be back with plenty of post surgery news! In my final hours (7 to be exact) I want share with you all a piece I wrote on July 02, 2014–over a year ago when I was in the beginning stages of  working with my new Audiologist Selena Snowden. This piece was written with the intention of ending up in her hands–but that never happened. No, I didn’t lose it, my dog didn’t eat it, and my just 12 day old son didn’t spit up on it. It remained folded neatly in my jean pocket. Why? I didn’t want to expose any weaknesses of myself, especially my emotions, and my own view of my self-worth. I remember this appointment like yesterday. The fact that I was being considered as a candidate for cochlear implants had me upset to the max, even though I knew it all along that I’d qualify, I just selfishly refused to believe it. My Audiologist will tell you that she never thought that I would come around to considering Cochlear Implants–as did I.  I had NO intention to take part in this. But here I am today, sitting in my hotel room, 7 hours away from going through with the Cochlear Implant procedure. I am far from the man I was a year ago, surely stronger, smarter, and more confident.


Friday Favorites – Essential Oils for Surgery Prep

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I am sharing five oils that we have been using to help us over this past week. It has been a bit stressful; Eric is nervous, the children are picking up on the looming change and Eric and I have been fighting off summer colds (?)… I didn’t know summer time colds exist but apparently they do. Maybe it’s just the stress, but we have all been coughing and sneezing more than normal.

-ONE- Stress Away




We Were On A Boat

For the first time in uh, years! Before we had children you could find Eric and I in some body of water pretty much every weekend during the summer. So having the children with us was just that much sweeter. CW is definitely our fish, the no fear type, who would happily climb right over the side of the boat if allowed. Swim lessons will be happening next summer for him, for sure! PG is a bit more hesitant, and likes to warm up at her own pace. We can always count on her to watch out for jelly fish, seaweed and hungry minnows!  We had the best time and are already planning to go out again this weekend! Cheers to summer time!





4th of July Photo Shoot

I had an itchin’ to dress the children up in their best red, white and blue gear and attempt to get a few pictures. I set my expectations low and bribed PG with a pack of gummies 🙂 Riding in the new wagon kept them happy too! I also had a goofy man who performed funny dances behind me in order to squeeze out the smiles. I’d say it worked!

IMG_0007_2 IMG_0009