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Still HEAR! By ‘Daddy, Watch Me!’

‘Daddy, Watch Me’ Followers!,

After a month and a half of silence, I’m still here….HEAR! That’s right hear…because I finally feel like my hearing is beginning to arrive (see what I did there, leaving room for a higher ceiling of hearing potential). Nice of you to join Sir Hear, please stay? So, FINALLY!, and it happens just as I am closing in on 4 months after being activated. In my last post I said I was “sidelined”, and now I’m going with I’ve “rebounded”, made the comeback and came back stronger!

Before I get into specifics, I must bring you all up to date. The last time I checked in with you all, I think I showed some obvious frustration, and that’s my fault. My sister read it, and sent me a text, “you seem pissed off”. Well…. that’s because I was, and I  am was a terrible example of a man following through and acting on his word about patience. But, the good news is, I set myself straight before it was too late. From the beginning, I said I must have patience … did I? Not so much… at least for 3 months.

How did I set myself straight?