Uni and Leo (Halloween 2015)

Another great Halloween is in the books! This year was lots of fun because both kiddos could actually walk up to the houses to get their candy. This year PG went back and forth (daily) on what she wanted to be. It started as a Unicorn, then a dragon fly, then there was mentioning of an angel, or a ghost, but ultimately we settled with a Unicorn…. mainly because when I finally decided to ditch the DIY costume plans, that was all Target had left. I took that as our sign, A Unicorn. Clayton William was the most adorable lion, ev.ER!, RAWR! Thanks to his Moonie for snagging that costume at her favorite store 🙂 The lion costume was actually perfect, fitting, and quite traditional, as Eric was also a lion around the same age.

This year we teamed up with the same group of friends as last year and took on their neighborhood. Sadly, I’m pretty sure we will never have trick-or-treaters in our neck of the woods. We went with a potluck chili dinner and I also brought this delicious pumpkin dip, which was a hit and super easy to make! Check it out!


This little lion broke into the candy early!


Our little Uni filling her bucket.


I loved watching them walk up the houses together. And their tails :)))


This wagon was a life saver! The only way to trick-or-treat with littles!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Now onto Thanksgiving!


2 Responses to Uni and Leo (Halloween 2015)

  1. Donna Allbritton says:

    These pictures are adorable!! Love you guys!!

  2. Bruce Buckley says:

    Thanks! Great fun!

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