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We are so excited you are joining the 100 Happy Days Link Up. If you would like to know a little more about how this party got started we would love for you to check it out.

This week has gone by so fast! Here are a few things that have made me happy this week (and last).

  1. While saying bedtime prayers with our 16 month old little boy, after saying Amen, he put his little prayer hands together. This just made my Jesus loving heart skip a beat! There is really nothing that brings me more joy than to see and hear my children building a relationship with God! Their wonderful preschool also plays a big part in building this foundation; so, they also make me very happy!
  2. My Man, that good lookin’ husband of mine! He makes me happy. There is something about a man who can get his hands dirty outside, play with doll houses, pray for his family, enjoy some guy time ,and then complete my to-do lists that includes folding a load of laundry and scrubbing toilets. He is versatile! Annnnd  I seriously don’t know what I’d do without him.
  3. The backroad that we take on the way home is finally reopened! You know it’s a big deal when a school wide email gets sent out about it. We can now enjoy our 45 minute ride home as opposed to the 55 minute detour. It’s the little things, folks.
  4. The sharing. I throw a small party in my head every time I catch a glimpse of the kids actually sharing something. Usually it’s quite the opposite. The other day however, PG offered CW a bite of her apple, and reminded him to say please and thank you. This made me chuckle because she rarely says those words herself, without being reminded. But hey, teaching others is a good way to teach yourself, right?  Here’s to the days ahead of blissful playtime and perfectly mannered children 😉 Eh? Eh!
  5. Essential oils! They helped Eric and I kick flu like symptoms yesterday! I’m telling you people, these oils are bottles of amazingness!

I hope your week has been filled with smiles and happiness and not too much halloween candy 🙂


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100 Happy Days Link Up

(“I cannot count how many times I am asked this phrase in a week. And much like Jamie I never know how to answer. 1- I am working… all day, every day; 2- I’m completely rethinking the purpose of my life outside my home.”)

So When Are You Going Back To Work? chosen by Kate


100 Happy Days Link Up

(“At the start of this holiday season, Rhiannon invites us all to create the essential habit of thankfulness. I’m joining her for the thankful living challenge on Instagram. I encourage you to join too! Thanks, Rhiannon, for encouraging my heart to be thankful this season.”)

Creating Habit of Thankfulness chosen by Alison


100 Happy Days Link Up

(“’We cram and push and lecture, when we should be serving, inviting, sharing and discussing.’ Melanie’s post inspired me to stop barking orders at my children and focus on nurturing their hearts in order to keep their hearts!”)

The Most Essential Parenting Advice of All chosen by Valerie


100 Happy Days Link Up

(I love her correlation with Parenthood. She really does a great job at showing you the best ways to let God be the center of family.)

Invite God In chosen by Linzee


100 Happy Days Link Up

(“The title of this post caught my attention as my hubby is participating in no shave November. But, even if you are a beardless household this post is simply hilarious. And definitely made me smile on this dreary Wednesday morning!”)

Why You Should Marry a Man With a Beard chosen by Elizabeth


100 Happy Days Link Up

(“Amanda has the right perspective on life and her fresh fun take on turning her perspective around was completely inspiring to me. I love her attitude towards this season of life, it’s nothing short of perfect!”)

You Have the Perfect Life chosen by Tiffany


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I want to challenge you to seek the happy moments in your day. I don’t know about you but sometimes I get so wrapped up in the bitter that I miss the sweet. They are there! Each Thursday I will be sharing a post spotlighting my Happy Days of that week. I may have 2 moments to share or 7- it just depends on the week.

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